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We use high quality injectable products which are Health Canada approved. Safety is a top priority with all treatments.  

Whenever required, topical numbing creams are used prior to treatment for your comfort.  

All injectable treatments are also overseen by a Nurse Practitioner Medical Director.     

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Botulinum Toxins

Botulinum Toxin Injections

Botulinum Toxin injections are used for improving overall appearance of skin. All botulinum toxin products injected by us are Health Canada approved.  

Areas treated with botulinum toxin include:

  • forehead lines
  • glabellar lines (also known as frown lines or "11's"
  • Crow's feet/wrinkles around eyes
  • Eyebrow lift (creates an arched eyebrow)
  • Lines around lips 
  • Lip lift (creates a lifted upper lip and pout)
  • Smile lift (lifts the corners of the mouth)